January 17, 2017

Osage Nation Election Results

Osage Nation Campus - the Osage Nation elections were held Monday, June 7th, in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  Constituents gathered as they have for many years on the lawn to wait for results.  Results for the General Election were posted around 1:00 a.m. the following morning and the Minerals Council results were posted after 5:00 a.m.  The Osage Nation Election Law provides for a 48 hour window for late ballots postmarked prior to the deadline of June 7.  If the number of provisional ballots exceeds the number necessary to affect the outcome of any race or issue, the Election Supervisor may open the ballots and verify them.  Offical results will be posted later this week.

Election of Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief require a 50% plus 1 vote.  No candidate in Monday’s election received a 50% margin for acquire the position. If there are no changes due to provisional ballots, run off election for Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief will be Monday, July 19, 2010.  

Due to the run off elections, there will be two Swearing in Ceremonies.  The first will be July 7th for Osage Nation Congress and Osage Minerals Council and Judges.  The second will be held for Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief on August 4th.

Osage Nation General Election
Unofficial Ballot Results
June 7, 2010

Principal Chief
John D. Red Eagle        1099      42.4%
Tim Tallchief                 739       28.55%
Jim Gray                       619      23.9%
Roy St. John                 79         3.0%
Carl “Chico” Sellers        55         2.1%
Total Votes                  2,591

Assistant Principal Chief
Scott Bighorse              628      24.5%
Amanda Proctor           480      18.7%
Everett Waller              466      18.2%
Cecelia Tallchief           407      15.9%
Anthony Shackelford    383      15.0%
Jeff Irons                      197      7.3%
Total Votes                  2,561

Osage Nation Congress
Geoffrey Standingbear  1487
Raymond Redcorn                    1294
William “Kugee” Supernaw       1252
Alice Goodfox                          920
Daniel Boone                            888
John Free                                 815
John Williams                           768
John F. Maker                          764
John Jech                                 678
Danette Daniels                        668
Jake Heflin                               634
Joe Shunkamolah                      605
Jenny Miller                              598
Louis Gray                               575
Margo Gray Proctor                 545
David Conrad                           461
Anthony Webb                        405
James Elsberry                        404
Randolph Crawford                  288
Vince Wyrick                           146

Total Votes                              14,195

Judges Retained
Charles H. Lohah                     yes       1,775
no        578

Jeanine Logan                           yes       1,803
no        509

Meredith Descygnes Drent        yes       1,609
no        564

Marvin Stepson                        yes       1,570
no        797

Constitutional Question
Yes                  1,466               59.3%
No                   1,088               40.7%

Minerals Council Unofficial Ballot Results
June 7, 2010

Andrew Yates                                        227
Galen Crum                                          215
Joseph B. “Sonny” Abbot, Jr.                  207
Cynthia J. Boone                                  312
Myron F. Red Eagle                               199
Melvin Core                                         295
Dudley Whitehorn                                300
Curtis O. Bear                                     251