January 18, 2017

Pawnee Business Council inauguration set for May 18

PAWNEE, Okla. – Recently elected members of the Pawnee Nation’s Business Council will be sworn into office at 10 a.m. on May 18 in the Roam Chief Event Center located at 810 Morris Road in Pawnee.

Those elected consist of Bruce Pratt as vice president, Phammie N. Littlesun as secretary, Adrian Spottedhorsechief as Seat 3 representative, Liana Chapman Teter as Seat 4 representative and Misty M. Nuttle as treasurer.

In 1936, the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma approved the Pawnee Nation Constitution and Corporate Charter that established its Business and Nasharo councils.

The Pawnee Business Council is the supreme governing body of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. Its other members are President Marshall Gover, Seat 2 Rep. Karla Knife Chief and Seat 1 Rep. Richard Tilden.

Recently appointed Nasharo Council members are Head Chief James Horn and Second Chief Matt Reed of the Chaui Band, Head Chief Morgan Littlesun and Second Chief Ralph Haymond of the Kitkahaki Band, Head Chief Francis Morris and Second Chief Lester SunEagle of the Petahawirata Band and Head Chief Warren Pratt Jr., and Second Chief Pat Leading Fox of the Skidi Band.

The Nasharo Council, also known as the “Chiefs Council,” consists of eight members, each serving four-year terms.