Jeri Redcorn is seen here exhibiting some of her pottery.  PHOTO COURTESY CADDO NATIONWell known Caddo traditional potter Jeri Redcorn’s “Intertwining Scrolls” was one of 45 pieces of art chosen to display at the White House.  Her pottery was one of five Native Americans’ artwork that was selected by the first lady Michelle Obama.

“I am honored to have my art work displayed in the Oval Office.  The design and shape was inspired by a Caddo vessel created hundreds of years ago,” Redcorn said.
Redcorn is known for reviving the Caddo style of pottery.  She has received numerous awards for her traditional pottery. Most recently she received the “Honored One” at the 2009 Red Earth Festival, 2nd Place Traditional Pottery at the 2009 Red Earth and the “Best in Class” Three Dimensional; and 1st Place Traditional Pottery at the  2009 Southeastern Art Market  held at the Chickasaw  Nation.
Redcorn is a Rockefeller Fellow at the Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, and a Community Scholar at the Smithsonian Institution.Currently her work is being featured in a show in Wildeshausen, Germany.
By the emails she has been receiving, the Caddo people are very proud of her accomplishments and the honor it brings to her and the Caddo people.  She had not only brought honor to her people but to the people of all tribes.