Bunky Echo-Hawk, of the Pawnee Nation in Oklahoma and Yakama Nation in Washington, is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts who is focused on fine art, graphic design, photography, creative writing, traditional singing and dancing, community outreach and a unique style of “live art” aimed at merging his traditional values with art for greater purpose.

Echo-Hawk’s design for the Nike N7 collection T-shirts focuses on the traditional native warrior holding a basketball in a strike pose, embodying his belief, and interpretation of Nike N7, that there is a warrior within every athlete. Echo-Hawk portrays the warrior with an eagle feather standing straight up within a roach head dress, and scalp feathers positioned to the side of his head. The warrior is positioned in the basketball triple threat stance, which readies the athlete for any move he or she needs to make next--shoot, pass or dribble. Celestial stars embrace the warrior in the design, providing a connection to the earth.  The T-shirts designed by Echo-Hawk are made with organic cotton and will be available in challenge red and dark grey heather for women and challenge red and dark turquoise for men.

“Basketball was a big part of my life growing up. It was my first sport, and I was obsessed with it, getting as far as starting varsity point guard in high school. The connection between sport and traditional Native values has always interested me, so I was inspired to make a larger statement through my art when I learned about the work of Nike through the N7 program.” -- Bunky Echo-Hawk

“I’m excited about Nike N7’s partnership with Bunky Echo-Hawk on our latest N7 collection. Through his inspiration and interpretation of Nike N7, we’ve created something incredibly unique that not only reflects Native culture, but also invites conversation so that others can learn more about Nike N7 and our commitment to create access to sport to youth in Native American and Aboriginal communities.” -- Sam McCracken, General Manager of Nike N7

The Nike N7 collection is an important part of Nike’s overall commitment to inspire Native American and Aboriginal communities, with a focus on youth, to lead physically active lives as a means to create positive change. The collection includes performance footwear for the general consumer and is designed with the environment and the future of these communities in mind. The collection is designed with cues from Native American culture and embodies Nike’s Considered Design ethos. The intent of the collection is to raise awareness beyond Native American and Aboriginal communities for the N7 Program and the N7 Fund. This is the first time Nike has collaborated with an artist for the Nike N7 collection and it is the fourth release of product for the Nike N7 collection since it launched in November 2009.

The Bunky Echo-Hawk T-Shirts for the Nike N7 Collection, as well as the Nike N7 Logo Tee, the Nike N7 Money Short, the Nike Air Pegasus+ 28 (for men, women, kids) and the Nike N7 Air Max Destiny basketball shoe, will be available beginning July 28 at select Nike Retail locations in the U.S. and at www.nikestore.com (seach “N7”).