The Hopi Creation Story explains many things that I believe are actual and can be proven, and
therefore true.

Hopi Creation Story and Global Warming
(In Our Human Hands)

The story starts out by saying that the Creator was looking for a place to create as he traveled
through space and he found Earth. !The only problem was, the planet was out of balance.

The Creator instructed a Female companion and his Nephew to correct this problem. This suggests to
me that the Creator had a sister, a brother-in-law, parents, and that he was not alone when he
came here in the beginning.

How does one go about stabilizing a planet? Why are all the largest pyramids located between
the 15th and the 30th latitudes in Mexico, China, and Egypt? Were they all tombs? In reality,
are not all pyramids just weights, heavy rocks stacked up in the shape of pyramids? No one
really knows who built them or how, but we do know they were built at different periods of time
in Earths history. To me they are very similar to the small weights that we put on our automobile

After the Nephew and his Female companions task was completed, a set of twins, one on each
pole, was formed or created. The twin located on the north pole was for balance, and the one
located on the south pole for vibration, and together they kept the Earth rotating properly and in

What is located on each pole that is a twin, or the same thing, that can come and go at different
periods of time? Ice. Could the weight of the ice have an influence on the Earths rotation and
balance? I believe so.

The Hopi believe that after the Earth was stabilized the Creator, created four races of man; black,
yellow, red, and white, placed them around the earth with different guardians in different
locations to balance out the planet, and taught them different languages, customs, religions, and

Could this explain how the black man was given Africa, the yellow man Asia, the red man the Americas, etc.? Did only yellow monkeys evolve in Asia?Did only black colored molecules evolve and crawl out of the sea in Africa? How did this happen?  If climate could
cause these changes wouldn't white people living in Africa be turning black, black people turning
red in the Americas?

The Hopi believe this is the fourth time the Creator has had to come back and start the creation
cycle over again. Mankind did not respect the planet or His teachings, causing the twins to leave
their post, and there was a great flood.

James White, a climatologist at the University of Colorado states, "The top and bottom of the earth turned sharply warmer at the same time
12,500 years ago, suggesting that some climate change events once thought to be regional may have affected the entire planet."

An article in the November 1998 issue of Science stated, "Temperatures increased more than 20 degrees and this happened within a typical human's
lifetime." The same thing is happening today in our lifetime as we approach the end of the fourth creation cycle. The Earths polar ice caps are melting. This moisture has to go somewhere. Water only comes in three forms; water, vapor, or ice. If it is not ice what will it be? Skeptics say that global warming is untrue and that floods, fires, tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes have always been here, nothing has changed. But something has changed, our polar ice caps are melting. This is not the first time this event has happened and the possible results are not looking good.

We just had floods of biblical proportions in Australia, devastating tornadoes in Missouri, and
record snow falls on the Sierra Mountains and that was just on New Years Day.
12,500 years ago Niagara Falls began flowing at its present location, the Nile River moved to its
present location, and Charles Hapgood, in his book Path of the Poles, believes there was a
transition of the poles that moved the north poles to its present location.  Huge amounts of water
were moving around the planet after the poles melted.

This is also the time that a small band of Hopi's landed on the western side of Chile at a site
called Monte Verde (12,500 years ago) after traveling across a large ocean on small rafts directed
by their guardian and traveled northward to their present village in Arizona.

So, when do the scientist say the north pole will be ice free? NASA climate scientist Jay Zwally
said in December 2007 issue of Science, "At this rate the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice free
at the end of the summer by 2012, much faster than previous predictions."  2012?
What will we do if the Earth starts to wobble? !Is building pyramids in our near future? It's not
really how big an object is, it's the amount of weight the object is out of balance, it could be the
weight of all the pyramids combined.  I believe the murals of Egypt show this weight, as the
weight of a feather.

Thomas O. Mills Former Manager Hopi Cultural Center
Author: The Book of Truth A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story and Stonehenge, If This Was East